Nourish Paleo Foods - Paleo Recipes (2024)

Winter Power Veggie Salad

by Taste Paleo

My phone rang while I was on the bus home last night. “Hello?” It was Matt. “Hi love. Can you give me some recipes for salads?” “Salads?” I repeated. Matt will eat a salad if I make it but I have never known him to prepare a bowl of leafy greens on his own. Matt … Read more

12 Perfect Ways to Finish Off Your Paleo Meal

by Taste Paleo

Yum… kiwi. As I mentioned in an earlier post, in December I completed a 21-day no sugar challenge. During those three weeks, I cut out all sugars, including those from fruit and sweet potatoes (with the exception of a daily granny smith apple), while maintaining strict paleo + dairy diet. It was an interesting experiment … Read more

Carrot Puree in Onion Cups

by Taste Paleo

For a while now, Matt and I have been talking about selling our condo. It’s a lovely little place in a fun location — but we just want more space. We know we are ready to move, but have been floundering about we should go. I work in Boulder, which is 30 miles north of … Read more

7 Things I Want to Share this Week

by Taste Paleo

My dad loves to talk to people — family, his friends, my friends, the pastor at his church, the guy on the train next to him, the check-out girl at the supermarket, the Chinese exchange student in the class he is auditing and on and on. He is genuinely interested in the ideas and perspectives … Read more

Cherry Cupcakes

by Taste Paleo

don’t have strong paleo baking skills. My sister, Lauren, was the brains behind the successful and popular Blueberry Banana Bread and Morning Glory Power Muffin Nuggets recipes on this site. I could also call this recipe a collaboration with my friend L.B. although my participation was limited to taste testing, taking notes and offering moral … Read more

Mashed Plantains with Crispy Brussels Sprouts

by Taste Paleo

I was inspired again. My friend L.B. and I went to dinner at Linger, a super-hip restaurant in Denver, last week. Last time I was there, the meal was magic. We did a work out immediately before dinner, so I was wonderfully hungry and ready for nourishment. The food, the drinks, the lighting, the buzz … Read more

Beef Mole Chili

by Taste Paleo

I realize this might make me the most unpopular girl in Denver, but I’m going to say it: I don’t care about the Broncos very much. OK, I don’t care at all. I’m not anti-football. I’m glad it makes people happy. I sort of wish I was a cool chick who liked football — but … Read more

Almost Paleo Spinach Balls

by Taste Paleo

I’ll let you in on a family secret. It’s about our spinach ball recipe. My mother started making spinach balls when I was young. They showed up on the table every time guests walked through the door. We had them for special occasions and sometimes just because. My parents, sisters and I all loved them. … Read more

Sweet Potato Sausage Strata

by Taste Paleo

For years, my cousin Claire and I repeated this conversation every time she came over to cook with me. Claire: Ok, what’s next? Oh, do you have a pastry brush? Me: No. Claire: Wow, how do you cook without a pastry brush? Me: I guess I just use my hands. We went through this routine … Read more

Broccoli Oliva

by Taste Paleo

Why are you getting up?” Matt asked me as I bounced out of bed at 6:30 this morning. “I have to cook and then study and then meet Edwin and then talk to my sister and then meet L.B. for a workout and then do a few things for work,” I said as I pulled … Read more

Seared Scallops with Dried Plum Sauce

by Taste Paleo

My fire alarm shrilled. Tour, my sweet pup, cowered in the corner, his little body shaking with fear as it always does when the smoke detector goes off. “This better be worth it,” I thought as I walked over to the alarm and wildly waved a dishtowel to clear the smoke away. Here’s a bit … Read more

Creamy Butternut Tom Kha

by Taste Paleo

It’s an “unusually vigorous” flu season, according to the Dallas Morning News. And there’s certainly some coughing crud passing through my social circles in Denver. Everyone I know has their own plan to avoid getting sick. Many folks have gotten the flu shot. Others pound supplements or herbal medicines. My dog Tour seems to take … Read more

Nourish Paleo Foods - Paleo Recipes (2024)


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