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DJ Spoke


Sorah, Spoke

Spoke Once

Spoke Noise

The Boy Who Spoke Clouds



Hold Up

Lil Wayne

I Am Not a Human Being [Digital Download]


its my spokes personUh grab a star from the sun roofI f*ck her in her dreamsAnd make her come true, yeahYoung Money in the powerSend my B's

Primus Inter Pares


lead, flockers flock, talkers talk between linesApplications bounce, cos I ain’t Bloody John SmithGods gift, spokes person - ignore the fact it’s tribal

Bars after Bars


a lyrical obstruct. My brain deliver bars, to get the like of Eistein MoltenI'm a life spoke person, I part time orphan. My focks ain't dead they just

Thing Called Us (feat. Charlie Stardom)


things that should be spoke in person Hoping I don't choke when I say it so I'm rehearsing The perfect way to tell you I'm hoping that I'm your person I


Artist Tay

I met this one girl She had a man but we just connectedIt's like the first time we spoke in person she felt neglectedShe told me she was having


didn'tAll bark but they don't biteCause they timidLook, waitI got people tryna wish and pray that I'mma fall up out itAll about it till we spoke in



down and I slimmed upThis shorty DM me telling me I'm her gym crushShe never spoke in personIt's crazy to know she only has social media confidence

Unfruitful Fig Tree


The person spoke with a worker and saidThis tree has been unfruitful for 3 yearsCut it downCut it downCut downThe unfruitful fig treeThe vineyard

Eve (feat. Honey)

St Rush

dates and messy hairUh yeahThat's why I write this letterHoping you open to itHoping you give your boy a chance or knock some sense into himSpoke in

Rinse Repeat

Little Rumor

spoke of the personI'd become and not the one I'd beenAnd it all feels the same As it trickles down the drainWake up balance every actionEyes shut

The Cell


a disgusting personSpoke the most sincere wordsShe was rotting on the bottomAnd now she's smiling from the topNow I knowNow I know how it happened and whyI

20 Minutes (Interlude)

Hot Sizzle

kizzy when the city litty you burn it downWeed got you so high I wish you would turn it downYeah, he dealing with perfect nowPlease excuse me I spoke


She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge [Clean]


glancing through the curtainQuestions unheard ofShe spoke in third personAnd he had seen everyoneAwkward and embitteredSaid 'shut the door when you go'


Alex Chilton

Cubist Blues [Redux]


now the moments are missingYou can hurt me do whatever you like'Glancing through the curtainQuestions unheard ofShe spoke in third person

Neverland (Intro)


right past my discernmentsYes I'm getting loose got that juicePut on for my observantsIn the start of this big hit I spoke about a special personThan

Lady Luck

The Proclaimers

The Best Of...


get her drunkBut she matched me drink for drink.So when she drew the curtains,I felt success was certainBut as she kicked me out,She spoke in


Statik Selektah

to the club and told me what a great person that he wasFirst person I had spoke to that was hurt the way he was It stuck with me then and it still does


Yu Tune

to speak to peopleUsually I'm antisocialNever spoke to a single personInside of school with my headphones onI'm not approachableI'm not proud of myself



still into meSo f*ck it, let's try again, f*ck itWhy isn't it working? I was so f*cking certainYou was the one, not just another oneThe person I spoke

We'll Speak Again

Max Childress

And the person that I spoke with todayWon't be the same tomorrowBut I know one day we'll speak againYour cup overflown with sorrowAnd the person that I am

Jadacool's Response

Fanele Thee

lowBut now that’s oldWe talking O’sWith these flowsWe see showsMy life goalsAchieving thoseShoAhWisdom is wondering how many times you spoke

Foot Feets Foots

D-ski Danger

town double f*cks/ I started to run but tripped over both my foots/ the first person that spoke/ approached/ rough/ she said you evil prick that’s not

Took It Too Far

Nicole Haber

Since we last spoke.You became a person that I didn't knowYa where’d we goBut this time we took it too far,Knew that it was coming so we stayed in



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      Lyrics containing the term: spoke person (2024)


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