How To Use Yggdrasil Discord Bot: Yggdrasil Bot Commands - (2024)

Discord is an app that is widely used by users across the world to connect with people. They can find like-minded people in various communities available on Discord. These communities are made more fun and engaging by incorporating bots in them.

Bots are programs programmed by users/programmers to automate simple tasks like welcoming a user, telling the rules to new users,deleting posts that break the rules, summarising long articles, etc.

One such bot is Yggdrasil Bot. It has many features that we will talk about later in this article along with how to add Yggdrasil discord bot to a server along with its command lists and uses.

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Yggdrasil bot command list

Yggdrasil Discord bot not working

How to delete Yggdrasil Discord bot?


What is Yggdrasil bot?

Yggdrasil is a Discord bot that makes Discord more fun. With this bot, you can play games like fidget spinners, and car racing. You can also try matchmaking with a different user by typing in some specific command.

How To Use Yggdrasil Discord Bot: Yggdrasil Bot Commands - (1)

You can also play some sounds as well. Yggdrasil Bot also allows youto talk to someone on call even if they are not on your server.

You can do all this and much more using the Yggdrasil discord bot after installing it on your server.

How to add Yggdrasil Discord bot?

Now that we know what we can do with this Yggdrasil Discord Bot, let's see how to install it. Installing this bot in Discord is the same as installing any other bot which is quite easy.

How To Use Yggdrasil Discord Bot: Yggdrasil Bot Commands - (2)

Follow this step-by-step easy guide on how to add Yggdrasil Bot to your Discord Server.

  • Step 1. Type Yggdrasil Bot in Google and visit or you can directly enter the same URL directly in the search bar. It will take you to the official site of this bot.
  • Step 2. Now that you are on the homepage, you will find an Add to Discord button. You have to click on that button to install the bot on your server.
  • Step 3. Clicking the button will take you to the Discord login. You have to enter your login credentials to log in to your discord account. You will have to fill in the captcha as well, so fill it.
  • Step 4. Now a dialogue box will appear asking on which server to install the bot. Select the server from the drop-down menu where you want to install this bot.
  • Step 5. After selecting the server to which you want to install Yggdrasil Bot, you will be asked to provide authorization. Select the options you want and leave the options you don't want to permit and click on authorize.
  • Step 6. After clicking on authorize, you will see the success message. This means that the bot is successfully installed on the server. You and the other members of this server can now start using its command and have a lot of fun

How to use Yggdrasil bot?

Now that you have installed the Yggdrasil bot to your server, you must also learn how to use it to have the most of it.

After the bot is installedon a server, go to that server and type in –help. This will send all the list of commands that you can use along with their functions. You can then type in those commands while chatting with people on that server to have some fun.

Alternatively, you can go to On the homepage, you can find all the command lists and what they do.

Yggdrasil bot command list

Commands are given to bots to communicate with them. Bots are already programmed to perform specific tasks after receiving a command from a user.

How To Use Yggdrasil Discord Bot: Yggdrasil Bot Commands - (3)

Here is a list of Yggdrasil Bot Commands and what they do.

  • Shipping: If you want to know your compatibility with a person on the server, you type in this command “--ship @username @secondusername”. This will calculate your compatibility with the other person using an algorithm and show it to you in percentage. This is mostly used in the case of love. If you want to check friendship, you can use this command. “--friendscore @username @secondusername”. This will calculate your friendship with the other person.
  • Racing: If you want, you can compete in a car race with your friends in the discord server where this bot is installed. You just have to type in this command “--race start” to start the race. You can even choose the cars from your garage. You have to type in this command to choose a car “--garage”. This will show all the cars that you have along with their information. You can choose any car from them to compete with your friends. To select a desired car, type the following command. “--race [car]”. This will bring the desired car out of the garage to the race.
  • Fidget Spinner: The time of the fidget spinner has long gone. However if you still want to compete with your friends online to see who spins the fidget spinner for the longest time, type in this command - “--spinner [type]”. The bot has different color types. You can replace “type” with red/blue/yellow/red/green. If you want to check the scores, type this command “--spinner scores”. This will show the top scores. However, they are only valid for a few hours.
  • Death Battles: Using Yggdrasil bot commands, you can engage with your friends in a death battle to see who wins. You just have to type in this command. “--deathbattle @username”. Type the username of the person you want to battle with. The bot will automatically calculate the scores and show who survives and wins among the two.
  • Soundboard: With the Yggdrasil bot in your server, you can play certain sounds as well. Some of the sound commands are: --airhorn --brainpower --cena --cheer --cricket --duel --easy --fakeerror --fakeping --knocking --laurel --leeroy --myleg --numberone --oof --tooslow --trombone --vsauce --yanny.
  • Cross Server Phones: Now this is one of the best features of this bot. This allows you to call any person on any server of discord. You just have to type in the following commands. --speakerphone - This command leaves a broadcast message. This is to communicate with everyone on the server.--userphone - This is used to communicate with a single user.--eyephone - This command is used to start a visible conversation. --flipphone - This is used to reverse the audio. --scramblephone - This command is used to scramble your voice during conversation. --fuwwyphone - This command is used to corrupt your conversation. If your conversation is over, you can hang up the phone by typing in the same command you used to start a conversation.
  • Welcome Images: You can also set up the Yggdrasil bot to show welcome images when someone joins the server. All you have to do is add !welcome! in the channel topic. You can also set it up to show a goodbye message when someone leaves by adding !goodbye! to the channel topic.
  • Fun Commands: Apart from all these commands, there are many more fun commands. -pokefusion --rip --meme --joke --useless --spoilers --loading --gold --nitro --quote
  • Pictures of cute animals: To look at pictures of cute animals, here is the command list - --bird --cat --dog
  • Useful Information: You can find info about the bot, user, etc by the following commands - --avatar @user --serverinfo --userinfo @user --about --ping --invite

Yggdrasil Discord bot not working

There are times when some bots stop working on Discord. Yggdrasil is no exception. If the Yggdrasil bot stops working it may be because of Discord Server Outage or the bot might be offline.

How To Use Yggdrasil Discord Bot: Yggdrasil Bot Commands - (4)

To make it work again, check if it has all the necessary permissions, and also make sure that the default prefix has been unchanged.

You can also try reinstalling the bot if the bot stops working again and again.

How to delete Yggdrasil Discord bot?

A bot sometimes can have some bugs as well and you may want to know how to get rid of it. If not bugs, you may get bored of it or may have some privacy concerns.

In that case, it is best to uninstall that bot. It's no big deal though. You can get the Yggdrasil bot invite anytime and reinstall it again.

Here’s how to delete this bot from your server completely.

  • 1. Open the server where the Yggdrasil bot is installed.
  • 2. There you will find the Yggdrasil Bot icon. If you want to temporarily delete the bot, then right-click on it and click on “Kick Yggdrasil Bot”. This will temporarily delete the bot from the server. Meaning that any user can add the bot again.
  • 3. However if you want to delete the bot permanently, right-click on the Yggdrasil Bot Icon and select the “Ban Yggdrasil Bot” option. This will permanently ban the bot from your server.


People have been using Discord for a long time for communication. But since the incorporation of bots, communication has become more fun and engaging.

Yggdrasilis one such bot that hasmade it fun to chat with people on the same server, play games with them, matchmake with them, call people present on other servers, etc.

I hope that this article has helped you to understand what Yggdrasil Bot is, the features of Yggdrasil Discord Bot, How to Install it as well as uninstall it, Yggdrasil Bot Commands, and its uses. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help.

How To Use Yggdrasil Discord Bot: Yggdrasil Bot Commands - (2024)


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Is Yggdrasil safe? All traffic sent across the Yggdrasil Network is encrypted end-to-end, such that it cannot be decrypted or read by any intermediate nodes and can only be decrypted by the recipient for which it was intended.

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How do you use Yggdrasil ship command? ›

Use --ship @username @secondusername to see how compatible two users are! Yggdrasil will calculate their compatibility using a super-secret algorithm! Want to see how compatible friends are? Try the --friendscore command!

What does the Discord bot Yggdrasil do? ›

Yggdrasil is a Discord Bot that is responsible for many fun commands such as ship, battle or race. It also has other features such as music.

Can Yggdrasil play music? ›

It takes a few seconds to change inputs and play music!

Yes, it does. Yggdrasil is doing a lot when you change inputs.

How to do avatar command on Discord? ›

If the person is in the server just do ! avatar @user but if the person isn't in the server do ! avatar [UserID] if you don't know how to get a users ID press the persons profile and press the 3 dots.


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