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Yggdrasil bot, a discord bot that supports a lot of fun commands, is called Yggdrasil.It’s a unique bot that allows discord members to engage with a variety of fun activities, such as Fun!SoundsRacing!Gaming!PhonesPranks!According to its website.This bot has many amazing features, such as pranking members or matchmaking and shipping members.This bot allows members of one server to communicate with members of another server via Discord.

How do I invite a bot to Yggdrasil?

It is very easy to add Yggdrasil bots to your discord server.You can do it in a few clicks.

STEP 1Visit the official website for Yggdrasil Bot.You can search Google for “Yggdrasil Bot” or go to their official website at

STEP 2Once you have landed on the official website for Yggdrasil Bot you will be able to click the button that says “Add To Discord”.This will invite Yggdrasil Bot to your server.

STEP 3When you click on “Add to Discord”, it will prompt you to log in to your discord account.Once you have signed in, or if you are already signed into the discord, you will need to choose the discord server where you wish to add the Yggdrasil Bot.

STEP 4Once you’ve selected the server where you wish to add the Yggdrasil Bot, it will then ask for permission access.The bot will be granted administrator access. You can remove the administrator access at any time.Next, click the Authorize button.

Upon completing this process, you will see the screen below confirming that your server has the Yggdrasil Bot.

Your discord server has been successfully added the Yggdrasil Bot!The confirmation message for the Yggdrasilbot will appear on the right sidebar.

All members of your server can now use the various commands available from Yggdrasil bot.Use the -help command to see what commands are available.Enter this command to receive a message from Yggdrasil with a complete list all commands available in the Yggdrasil Bot.

List of Basic Yggdrasil Bot Commands in Discord

General Commands

–about – bot info–avatar [user] – show user’s avatar–credits – bot credits–donate – donate to support the bot–invite – add ygg to your server–ping – checks the bot’s latency–serverinfo – shows server info–userinfo [user] – shows user info

Fun Commands

–choose <item> <item> … – make a decision–8ball <question> – ask the magic 8ball!–fiction <name> – infinite fictional database–friendscore @user1 @user2 – friend compatibility score–fortune – shows your fortune–icecream [user] – makes your personal ice cream cone–joke – random joke–meme – random meme–pokefusion – shows a random pokefusion–quote <messageId> OR <@user> <quote> – grabs or creates a quote–rip <user> – makes a tombstone–roll <dice> – rolls dice–ship <first> [second] – matchmaking!–spoilers <text> – hides spoiler text–toast <user> – makes some toast–useless – link to a useless website–wanted <user> – makes a wanted poster

Games Commands

–darts [guess] – play darts–deathbattle @user1 @user2 – Death Battle!–garage [car] – Look at what cars you have in your garage.–race – race car!–fidgetspinner [type] – spins a fidget spinner–standoff – Have a good ol’ fashioned standoff.

Phones Commands

–speakerphone – chat with random users all over Discord!–eyephone – :eyes:–flipphone – flips your conversation!–fuwwyphone – corrupts your conversation to owo speak.–scramblephone – chat with random users, but scrambled!–userphone – chat with users and see who you’re chatting with!–hangup – Hangup the phone

Animals Commands

–bird – random bird–cat – random cat–dog – random dog–fox – random fox–panda – random panda–snake – random snake

Soundboard Commands*

–tts <text> – text to speech–airhorn–brainpower–cena–cheer–cricket–dancemoves–doof–fakeerror–fakeping–granddad–heyall–heyguys–jenkins–knocking–oof–trombone–vsauce–wasted

What are Phone Commands?

One of the most used features of Yggdrasil Bot is the Phone commands.These commands allow members to call random people, or members from another server into their own server.You will then be able communicate with the person as if you were their server.You can do this by going to a general channel, and then typing the command -userphone. The bot will connect you with a random person on a different server.The -hangup command will disconnect the call.You can also experiment with the commands to discover what they can do.

How to remove Yggdrasil Bot from your Discord Server?

Only one way to remove the yggdrasil Bot from your server is –

Right-click the yggdrasil icon to launch Kick Yggdrasil.

You can remove the yggdrasilbot so that it cannot be added to your channel again, by right-clicking on the yggdrasilbot and selecting the Ban Yggdrasil option.The image is shown in the example.

How do I get my discord bot to work?

Sometimes, the Yggdrasil Bot may experience issues. It may not respond or be offline.It could be caused by a discord server downage. If you have this issue, please check the discord status page.

You should also ensure that the yggdrasil Bot has sufficient permissions (This can be done under the Settings tab).

If the yggdrasilbot does not respond to the above steps, make sure that you have not changed the default prefix of the yggdrasilbot.

How to Use Yggdrasil bot Discord – Yggdrasil bot commands - RH Web Design (2024)


What are the commands for Yggdrasil bot? ›

Some Yggdrasil commands:
  • Shipping. --ship @username @secondusername. This command will allow you to matchmake the two person's compatibility.
  • Death Battles. --deathbattle @username. Using this command you will be able to battle for the better point with your friend/enemy.
  • Fun Commands. Also, so many commands to make fun..

How to do commands for bots on Discord? ›

With Slash Commands, all you have to do is type / and you're ready to use your favorite bot. You can easily see all the commands a bot has, and validation and error handling help you get the command right the first time. Not every bot might be using Slash Commands right now.

What does Yggdrasil do in Discord? ›

Yggdrasil is a Discord Bot that is responsible for many fun commands such as ship, battle or race.

Is the Yggdrasil Discord bot safe? ›

Is Yggdrasil safe? All traffic sent across the Yggdrasil Network is encrypted end-to-end, such that it cannot be decrypted or read by any intermediate nodes and can only be decrypted by the recipient for which it was intended.

How to end a call in Yggdrasil? ›

Just pick up the phone and chat! There are plenty of phones available! To hang up, just use the same command you used to pick up the phone!

Can Yggdrasil play music? ›

It takes a few seconds to change inputs and play music!

Yes, it does. Yggdrasil is doing a lot when you change inputs.

Why can't I use commands on Discord? ›

Under “Roles and Members” you'll see a list of who currently has permissions to use commands. You can make changes by changing the toggle, just like other permissions, or adding additional roles and members.

What Discord bot has custom commands? ›

Custom Commands Discord Bots
  • Mimu. 4.8. 2.22M. Aesthetic. ...
  • Custom Command. 4.7. 34.24K. Advanced Economy. ...
  • Tickety. 4.4. 35.03K. application. ...
  • R.O.T.I. 26.59K. Custom Commands. Vote (286) ...
  • Sapphire. 4.9. 350.50K. Automoderation. ...
  • Circle. 4.7. 123.95K. Automoderation. ...
  • Waya. 4.7. 5.02K. Custom Commands. ...
  • 4.9. 3.40M. Automoderation.

Did Loki become Yggdrasil? ›

In the Loki season 2 finale, Loki becomes a living embodiment of Yggdrasil. In Norse mythology, the tree holds all Nine Realms together, controlling all life and death. In the MCU, this is redefined to hold all of the multiverse, with Loki now at its center – making him the literal God of Time.

Is Yggdrasil the tree of life? ›

Yggdrasil is an important feature of Norse mythology. It is the Norse tree of life, encompassing all nine worlds that are part of the ancient Norse view of the cosmos. It is an ash tree in which all of the worlds, including the world of humans and the world of the gods, nestle among the branches and roots.

Is there a jail bot for Discord? ›

"Jailbot is a very purposeful bot made to isolate problematic and potentially dangerous users so that staff on a server can directly dispute with them outside of general audience.

What is Yggdrasil's god of war? ›

Description. The Yggdrasil is a massive yew tree that grows out of the Lake of Nine, believed to be the center of the Norse cosmos, its branches interconnect the various worlds, also known as the Nine Realms.

Where did Yggdrasil come from? ›

The primary origin of the information regarding Yggdrasil comes from the mythological poems of the Poetic Edda (specifically Vǫluspá, Grímnismál, and Hávamál) and the Prose Edda. The Poetic Edda is the contemporary name for an untitled collection of Old Norse poems mostly written anonymously.

How to do avatar command on Discord? ›

If the person is in the server just do ! avatar @user but if the person isn't in the server do ! avatar [UserID] if you don't know how to get a users ID press the persons profile and press the 3 dots.

What is Yggdrasil phone etiquette? ›


Since the phones can connect you to all sorts of different people, try not to say anything insulting, discriminatory, or sexual. You never know who will be on the other end! The phones are full of welcoming and friendly people!

What are the commands for Nekobot? ›

Slash CommandText CommandInfo
/action handholdhandholdhold someones hand
/action hughughug someone
/action insultinsultInsult someone
/action kisskissKiss OwO
93 more rows

What is the Discord bot that lets you talk to strangers? ›

What is Omeglecord? Omeglecord is the Discord Bot that will let you talk to strangers on another server one on one.


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