20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (2024)

There’s nothing quite like curling up with a steaming bowl of chili on a rainy day to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But even when it’s not cold and dreary outside, a big pot of chili is the ultimate lazy girl option for a busy week. We all wish we could come home to a hearty meal ready and waiting for us, but let’s be real, most of us don’t have that option. The best thing about this one-pot meal is that you throw everything in the crock pot so dinner is waiting when you get home, or prep a batch on Sunday and have lunch all week. Score! Not feeling the chili-vibe? You’re grandma’s chili recipes are great, but sometimes it’s nice to switch it up with something a little out of the box (can you say chocolate chili?). However you choose to prepare it, these 20 unique chili recipes will comfort you on even the rainiest of days.

Bacon Bison Beer Chili

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (1)

Using lean bison is a great way to cut some of the fat from your chili while adding a unique flavor that partners well with smoky bacon. Try a medium-bodied beer like a lager to deglaze the pan and infuse a crisp tartness. (via A Healthy Life For Me)

Vegetarian Sweet Potato Chili

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (2)

This sugar-free, dairy-free, and grain-free vegetarian chili recipe combines a plethora of veggies to form one hearty bowl of chili that'll fill you up during the winter months. (via Feel Good Foodie)

Bean + Buckwheat Chili with Dark Chocolate

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (3)

The fact that this chili is vegetarian can be your little secret. The texture of buckwheat slightly resembles that of ground meat, so even the most carnivorous will be fooled. They’re also going to be shocked to find out that there’s half a bar of dark chocolate lingering in their midst. You can’t taste it, but it adds just that little something extra. (via Heavenlynn Healthy)

Pumpkin Chili

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (4)

Use this paleo pumpkin chili recipe for a smoother, sweeter chili taste that everyone will love. (via A Spicy Perspective)

Slow Cooker Black Bean, Butternut Squash + Quinoa Chili

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (5)

The only thing better than a warm bowl of chili is having some ready and waiting for you in the slow cooker. This stick-to-your-ribs vegan chili has a slightly smoky flavor from chipotle peppers and smoked paprika. Top with vegan sour cream for an extra luxurious feel. (via The Full Helping)

Easy Black Lentil Chili

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (6)

Lentils go from drab to fab in this simple chili recipe. The flavor only gets better with time, so if you make a big batch at the beginning of the week, you can dine on chili for days! Plus, it freezes beautifully so you can even enjoy it way down the road. (via Turnip the Oven)

The Best Vegan Chili

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (7)

This chili recipe is vegan, but still totally yummy. It has tons of flavor from the tens of veggies mixed in, as well as herbs and spices. (via Munching With Mariyah)

Chili Con Carne

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (8)

The longer you let this chili simmer, the more flavorful it will get. You want the consistency to be very thick and not soupy at all. Serve with a bunch of toppings like shredded cheddar and avocado so that everyone can customize their bowl. (via What’s Gaby Cooking)

Chili Stuffed Peppers

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (9)

Take your ordinary stuffed peppers a few steps further by stuffing them with a homemade chili that'll warm you from the inside out. (via The Endless Meal)

Chorizo Sweet Potato Chili

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (10)

This paleo-friendly chili is ready-to-eat in under 30 minutes, making it absolutely ideal for those nights you need dinner on the table quickly. Try chopping your vegetables ahead of time and you’ll get it done even faster. (via The Paleo Running Momma)

Cincinnati Turkey Chili Spaghetti Squash Bowls

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (11)

Cincinnati chili is known for being piled on top of noodles. Since you’re always looking for new ways to use spaghetti squash, it only makes sense to do the same with the tender strands of squash “noodles”. Your family will love the fun presentation and you’ll love that everyone is getting a ton of veggies. (via Whole and Heavenly Oven)

Buffalo Chicken Chili

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (12)

Think your favorite Friday night snack: buffalo wings, but in chili form. You'll get a zesty, spicy mouthful once you prep this recipe. (via The Endless Meal)

Pork Chili with Bok Choy

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (13)

This unique Chinese take on chili is a great way to use up some of your pantry items that usually go untouched. From turmeric to Chinese herbs, the healthiness of this chili is *almost* as enticing as the aroma it will fill your house with. (via There’s a Cook in My Kitchen)

White Bean Mushroom Chili

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (14)

Protein-rich and oh-so yummy, this chili is made with cannelinni beans and mushrooms to create a lighter flavor. (via Two Spoons)

Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Chicken Chickpea Chili

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (15)

If your family isn’t a fan of quinoa, but you’re itching to add that extra bit of protein and fiber to their diet, this chili is the dish that will convert them. When you slow cook the quinoa all day with the chicken and spices, it takes on their flavors and that’s all they’ll be able to taste. (via Ambitious Kitchen)

Short Rib Black Bean Chili

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (16)

Wrap your hands around this bowl of chili and let the warmth sink in. Using short ribs as your protein adds tons of extra richness to the dish because of the slow cooked bones. With its mild spiciness, this is the ultimate comfort for a leisurely rainy Saturday in. (via The Gourmet Gourmand)

Tempeh White Bean Chili

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (17)

Vegan protein lifesaver, tempeh, comes in hot into this chili recipe. This recipe is definitely one to keep in the lineup when you're craving a hot, fulfilling dish. (via Live Eat Learn)

Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Chili

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (18)

Light and creamy doesn’t even begin to describe this chili. The exquisite texture of the soup is thanks to the cream cheese that’s added right at the end. Topping with ripe avocado is an absolute must. (via Creme de la Crumb)

Spicy Vegan Chocolate Chili

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (19)

This chili is *slightly* sweet, but not from the chocolate as you may assume. The chocolate is actually unsweetened cocoa powder and the hint of sweetness comes from sweet potatoes and maple syrup. The hefty spice throughout will make you thankful for that extra bit of sugar. (via Foolproof Living)

Vegetarian Chili with Bourbon

20 Unique Chili Recipes for Rainy Days (20)

There’s an age-old noodle debate in the chili community. Either you’re team noodles or team no noodles. If you’re a fan of noodles in your chili, try using a spiralizer to make hearty sweet potato noodles that instantly increase the nutritional content. Also: BOURBON. (via My Modern Cookery)

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